Key role of establishing the minority educational institutions with outstanding facilities and performance and standards which is matching with international and national level. By these many educational institutions having all types of the Courses like Medical, Engineering, MBA, MCA, Pharmacy and Education catering the needs of the poor minority families and general masses of their educational needs. These four successors helping the desired poor and intelligent students who are not able to study due to lack of finance. They are offering free seats, scholarships and helping them for their better lives.


All these four successors are well qualified educationalists and they are the four Pillars headed to well experienced, skilled, Qualified professionals leading and establishing Institutions at four corners of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States. Their imprints of spreading the Educational Institutions in East, West, South and North directions of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States. In the East Dr.Md.Saqib Rasool Khan, in West Mr.Md.Shah Alam Rasool Khan, in the North Dr. Md.Sarib Rasool Khan and in the South Mr.Md.Azib Rasool Khan are leading their Institutions. These Successors individual Biography in brief is as follows...........






  My Father  Dr.  Vizarath Rasool Khan belongs to a Royal Family. His ancestors were rulers of Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bagadpur, Islampur and other districts of Rajasthan. His eight generations ruled Rajasthan. He is the great grand son-in-law of Ibrahim Lodhi. After the defeat of 8th King, the generation came to Hyderabad Deccan. His great-grandfather joined the military. Till 8 generations they were the rulers, but the 9th generation was defeated by Raja Mann Singh. His family also came to Deccan, thereby joined the Military and got the highest post and was awarded by British government an Order of Merit, and Order of British India. He was given the Title of Nawab as hereditary title of Lord Curzon, viceroy of India. All his elders were holding top positions in the government, as chief engineers, directors General of Police, Subedar, Collector and I.A.S. officer. His father held the post of controller of government of Guest Houses. His mother was double M.A. and was Principal of Nampally Junior college. All his brothers and sisters are Doctors and Engineers. The exiting Raj Bhavan Building belong to his wife’s Grand Father which was later acquired by erstwhile Nizam. Now it is Raj Bhavan, Government Building.


        His father had close association with Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Gen.Vellodi, Smt. Indira Gandhi and Shri B.Ram Krishna Rao ( First Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh). He also constituted a board of governing council of Shadan Educational Society in the name and style of Planning Coordination and Monitoring Board for Minorities which is a registered body. The Board is headed by Mr. Mohd. Karimulla Khan, Engineer-in-Chief (Retd.) as Chairman, Mohd. Ghousuddin, Engineer-in-Chief (Retd.) as Vice-Chairman (Projects). Other members of the Board are engineers and eminent persons belonging to various fields. Dr. Mohammad Vizarath Rasool Khan is the only person in India to have established institutions right from K.G. to P.G. level and other various institutions. He has got considerable amount of knowledge in various fields, especially Educational Field.

Positions Held :


    Former M.L.A. (A.P) for Two Terms representing the Asif Nagar Assembly Constituency, 1984-1989.

    Served as the Chairman of A.P. State Minority Financial Corp. Ltd., Govt.of A.P.1985





       Dr. Md.Sarib Rasool Khan is a M.B.B.S. Degree holder and he is holding the position as the Director for SHADAN Medical College, Hyderabad. He is a young and dynamic person who is running the Medical college excellently at par with the other renowned Colleges. He use to show his personal care and concern in all the aspects of runnig a Medical College. He is much interested in helping the others especially the poor. The college is providing Excellent Education for the students who will become as TOP notch Professionals and successful Doctors in the present Scenario.






        Dr. Mohammed Saqib Rasool Khan is Doctor of Philosophy from Cosmopolitan University (USA) and is experienced and actively engaged and in all practically deals with day to day affairs of these institutions from various angles and with holistic approach for the smooth functioning and management. Keeps keen interest in correlating practical experience into theoretical thesis for guiding aspirants in taking off the subject of their interest of establishing , administering and managing educational institutions. He is also a social worker in different organizations for the welfare and uplifting of the poorest of the poor and has received many awards and rewards from various organizations towards his social service