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Technical education is the most crucial component of human resource development responsible for the quality of people’s life. To match the demands of globalization, we must create competence, among technically qualified human resource personnel.

             Challenges to examine are expansion of technical education, Faculty development, research, innovation and adoption of new technologies. Statistics as on show as satisfactory expansion of technical education in country – 6,27,082 students admitted in 1617 Undergraduate Engineering colleges, 3,33,296 students in 1,403 Polytechnics, 1,04,084 in 1150 Management Institutions and 56,004 students in 999 MCA colleges.

             Andhra Pradesh has a Lion share of this with almost 1,20,000 students enrolled in various courses. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has also taken several expansion programs. Now its interspect and draw a new road-map to revamp.

             On its part, Quba College of Engineering & Technology has taken steps to look at Quality educational system with view of providing a curriculum a live industry  requirements. We have to introduce frequent changes in the curriculum on the personnel front. Special emphasis is being given to train students on life skills, personality, Business skills and communication skills.

             So far we have been celebrating India’s 9% Growth rate and the phenomenal economic exploits but this entire mean nothing when 70% population has no accuracy to educational resources. Our chairman Janab-Hon’ble Dr. MD.Vizarath Rasool Khan had repeatedly emphasized that if our School Education system is Faulty, we cannot revamp our higher Education system that is presently out of reach to 80% of poor. 

            In the hearting to know that several students who have left the portals of the  college have done a remarkable services to the state, and also to the country.

             In the era of globalization, the development and application of the advanced technology plays a vital role in the improvement of our economy. Centers of excellence do not just emerge like abolt from blue. They are built brick from scratch. They are results of hardships faced and scarifies made by dedicated souls for the good cause.

             Any organization will undergo difficult and distinct phase in its development and growth cycle. I wish all the best of luck to the students who have been enrolled in this course. And warm wishes to the Principal, H.O.Ds, Deans, Doctors and staff…

 . . . . . THANK YOU. . . . .